To report Impacts of CSR on the Indian economy, society and environment

Regular reporting of news, views, facts, happenings on Corporate Social Responsibility, CORPORATE SOCIAL FOCUS Magazine, as a media will bring all concerned stakeholders together. Be it Corporate, NGO, Industry Regulators, Government Policy Makers , CSR Heads , Public Sector Chiefs etc. The Objective is to work responsibly towards a likeminded goal and share thoughts, ideas to thereby collectively contribute to the Growth of the Nation.

Increase awareness among private, public, third and emerging sector individuals, communities through to registered companies / organisations/societies and similar, whether profit making or not, regarding issues affecting those within society globally as individuals or larger groups and collectives that are considered in need of support.

Help provide appropriate support services for individual or grouped needs of what be be collectively referred to as potential service users, customers or clients in order to achieve betterment of circumstance and/or otherwise considered deprived, unequal, unfair, unjust, and often sympathetic situations.

If positive identifications are made then to make right through process and appropriate bodies of any such wrong doings, injustices or balance otherwise what may be matters of disadvantaged circumstance and adversity that may be considered to be morally, ethically and ideally ultimately factually unfair or inappropriate.
"Corporate Social Focus" CSR Magazine 
launched on April 16, 2014 will complete 3 glorious years with subscribers and readers spread across the country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. 1st CSR Magazine in India to grow year on year @ 300 % with continuous print every month since inception.
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