Corporate Social Focus - CSR Magazine will bridge the information gap between Corporate, NGO, Regulatory Bodies of Various Industries, Trade & Associations, Educational Institutions , Universities, cover articles, topics with extensive research on communication and reporting , Environment , Stake Holder Engagement , Business Ethics, Social Understanding and showcase various activities undertaken by Corporate under the CSR initiative. An opportunity for NGOs to showcase their project and highlight the various available options for Corporate to participate in likeminded CSR Projects.

Corporate Social Focus is being distributed to Central & State Government Ministries, Bureaucrats, Chairman, MD & CEO, MNC Heads/Officials of CSR Activities, Indian Stock and Commodity Exchanges, Industry regulatory authorities, Indian Companies, Indian Embassies/Consulates, Indian & Foreign Universities, and other relevant CSR Policy makers and Followers.

The Vision of Corporate Social Focus – CSR Magazine is to facilitate and make Profit work responsibly for Corporate

The Mission of Corporate Social Focus - CSR Magazine is to bring together under a common platform, the stakeholders to use and utilize the information, published through its magazine and website for the betterment of the society.

CORPORATE SOCIAL FOCUS is an initiative of CHIBA Strategic Solutions Private Limited – The idea behind bringing out this publication is to provide a common platform for all the stakeholders – Employers, Employees, Consumers, Vendors, and Governance – to explore and utilize the vast scope of work through Corporate Social Responsibility.
"Corporate Social Focus" CSR Magazine 
launched on April 16, 2014 will complete 3 glorious years with subscribers and readers spread across the country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. 1st CSR Magazine in India to grow year on year @ 300 % with continuous print every month since inception.
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